VACCINATION REQUIREMENT: To preserve the health and safety of 所有的学生, 员工, 和公众, everyone on campus must wear a mask and show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.
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克恩社区学院区(KCCD)校园通行证应用程序是BC用来减少COVID-19传播的许多缓解工具之一. 该应用程序的功能包括自我报告表格和推送通知,提醒你在进入校园之前完成每日健康检查表格. COVID-19症状或检测呈阳性的个人可以填写自我报告表格,这可能会引发BC应对小组的沟通. The KCCD校园通App is where you will:

  • Upload to show proof your Vaccination Card 
  • Complete the “Daily Health Checker” form to receive your daily 校园通过
  • Showing your daily 校园通过 to an instructor or office personnel
  • 扫描张贴在建筑物、教室和办公室入口的二维码
  • Complete COVID Test Self-Reporting form

Submitting Proof of Vaccination 

若要显示部分或全部的疫苗接种证明,请通过 KCCD校园通App 和complete the “Proof of Full Vaccination” form which is the blue button. Individuals will continue to receive a 红色的 校园通过 until the vaccination card has been reviewed and approved, in the order in which they are received. Please do NOT email your vaccination cards to the BC COVID Team. 数字化疫苗接种记录(二维码)可在网上立即免费获取. To access your record, do the following:

  1. Go to Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (
  2. Fill out your first name, last name, and date of birth
  3. 选中“手机”或“电子邮件”,输入手机号码或电子邮件地址,填写疫苗文件. If you do not recall which cell phone number or email address you used, you attempt with multiple numbers and addresses. 
  4. Choose a 4-digit code that you will use to retrieve your vaccine record. This is a new code, not something you previously gave to the vaccine site. Make sure you write it down. 
  5. Read the legal disclosure 和check it if you agree
  6. If the process was successful, you will receive a link by text or email; if the process was not successful try again with a different phone number or email
  7. 点击此链接并输入您的四位数字代码,即可收到有关如何获取您的新数字记录的信息.

Using the KCCD App in 4 Steps

KCCD校园通行证应用程序适用于安卓和苹果手机,使用方便. KCCD校园通行证应用程序是在暴露情况下帮助BC冠状病毒病响应团队的工具,并不跟踪您的位置. 使用该应用程序是BC COVID协议的一部分,该协议涉及我们的校园社区 downloading the KCCD校园通App from an app store to get campus passes or to show proof of vaccination.  

1. Download the 校园通过

Download the KCCD校园通App from the 苹果iOS应用商店 or Google/Andriod Play Store onto your smartphone or computer. 使用BC证书登录应用程序,并选择九游会登录入口作为您的校园. 

  1. 选择“开始”
  2. Select 九游会登录入口 for your Campus 
  3. Select "Student | Staff | Faculty" 
  4. 使用您的BC凭据登录(与您的内部BC帐户相同的用户名和密码)

2. Complete the Daily Health Checker

Complete the required “Health Checker” form before coming onto campus. Completing the Health Checker form will give you a green or red pass. A green pass is required for in-person engagement on campus.

  1. From the Campus screen in the KCCD校园通App, select the 健康检查的形式 button.
  2. Select answers from the prompts and submit.
  3. Your 校园通过 is displayed.
  4. 返回应用程序后,点击校园通行证图标显示您的通行证.

3. Showing your 校园通过

完成健康检查表格后,您将收到两种校园通行证之一:绿色或红色. Before entering a classroom or office, 个人将被要求向教师或办公室人员出示他们的校园通行证. To display your 校园通过 via the KCCD App select the 校园通过 图标.

  • 绿色校园通过:如果您没有任何新冠肺炎相关症状,您将获得绿色校园通行证. 绿色校园通行证可以让你在校园亲身参与(亲自参加课程, 利用实验室, 等.).
  • 红色校园通过:如果您发现任何与covid - 19相关的症状,您将获得红色校园通行证. In this case, you must stay home. A red pass will initiate a call from the BC COVID Response Team. The Team works with you to clear you or determine the next steps.

4. 扫描二维码

所有学生和员工进入校园建筑时都要扫描二维码, 教室, 或办公室, which are posted on entrances. 当你进入建筑物、门口、教室、办公室或公共空间时,寻找QR码. 二维码是一种方形条形码,个人可以用校园应用程序扫描,仅用于识别校园内外的实际位置. When a QR code is scanned, 该应用程序记录了这个人在特定时间特定地点的情况. The app does not track your movement. BC COVID响应团队可以检索用于接触者追踪的位置信息. 在校园接触事件中使用二维码追踪接触者是校园安全的重要组成部分. 

How to scan the QR Codes:

  1. Open the KCCD校园通App
  2. Tap the 图标 in the upper left-h和corner, 你的相机将会打开(当你的手机提示时,你可能需要给予许可).
  3. 把它指向二维码,它就会自动为二维码拍照. QR Codes will not connect with your camera phone. 
  4. After successfully scanning, the app will show your Daily 校园通过.


健康检查表单: 在进入校园之前,个人仍然需要在电脑上填写健康检查表. Complete the form to receive your 校园通过.

Self-Reporting COVID Test Reporting form: 个人如果接受过卫生专业人员的COVID-19症状检测,可以通知BC省COVID-19应对团队.

COVID Test Self-Reporting


For more 信息 regarding medical or religious exemptions, visit the KCCD Coronavirus Update webpage. Once you have completed the appropriate form with proper signatures, 信息, 和文档, email it as one pdf to the BC COVID-19 Response Team from your BC email account. Only submissions of BC email accounts will receive responses. 您将继续收到红色的校园通行证,直到您的豁免被审查和批准. 豁免将在接下来的4到5个工作日内按照收到的顺序进行审查. Subsequent to your exemption approval, 获批准的个人遵守BC省COVID协议,并每周两次提交COVID检测. 个人有责任留出足够的时间进行COVID测试, submit results via the App, 并获得间隙. Once individuals have received their COVID results, whether positive or negative, select the yellow design button titled, KCCD校园通App内的“自我报告:COVID测试自我报告”表格,可以上传一张测试结果的照片,并清晰显示个人的姓名和测试日期. 另外, 如果个人已经在工作地点或实习地点接受过COVID测试, they may upload those results to the app, but the test results must be submitted in a timely manner. At-home COVID tests are NOT accepted.